Recent Show Ribbon Winners

Several shows have occurred recently that  clients or myself  entered quilts.   Several quilts took top honors!!

Lou Ellen Hassold's "Star Bright", quilted by me took BEST OF SHOW @ Golden Needles, 1st place medium pieced and a 1st place at Brazos Bluebonnet Quilt Guild Show and another top award for Best Piecing at BBQG.  It also received a sponsor ribbon from Sew N Vac.  Congratulations Lou Ellen.   I'm so honored to have had a part in your vision for this quilt.    I'm also blown away that I have quilted 3 different quilts that have taken guild shows top honor of Best of Show!  No, that is not dotted fabric, that is approx. 4000 crystals applied to the quilt! The show has already taken down their posts about this... I did not save a picture from the big winner's list!    Kathryn Zimmerman's "Dogwood Winter" quilted by me took "Outstanding Machine Work" which is for piecing, quilting, and any special techniques created by machine wor…

Lou Ann's Vintage Rose

Lou Ann creating this beautiful quilt using one of the colorways debuted last year from Quiltworx  Red and Black campaign.   I named this quilt "Red Hot Diva Rose" while quilting her this past summer because that pale gray on gray demands so much attention to create each segment of the quilt.  And yeah, I made mine white on white so I have had that issue 2xs now.

Tossed over bed with pillows for a quick photo I was once again challenged by not being able to mark designs.  I took a Qtip dampened with water and rubbed on a red fabric on the outside edge.  My Qtip turned red.  She would not be soaking or washing and we could not take a chance on any of the reds bleeding due to the removal of blue markers.   Of course in Texas high humidity, it is impossible to mark all your spines prior to loading with an air eraseable marker.   Plus I generally don't trust those, I sometimes can't mark all the design in my current stitching area before it starts erasing!   I also had a…

Summer Rose, my Vintage Rose Wallhanging

Of course just about everyone in my WWIT (What Was I Thinking) paperpiecing world was so excited with the release of the new Vintage Rose Quiltworx pattern.  Most of us started planning ours immediately.   Denise Green hosted a retreat to offer tips and techniques last May for this quilt which upon reviewing, I don't have any pictures on my blog!   I started mine at the retreat in May this past year and managed to get mine all pieced and quilted in time for a local show.

The interior of the petals are digital designs.   The upper half is Jessica Schick, the lower half is from Wasatch.    The zigzag petals and backgrounds areas are hand guided.

I loved the rose detail.   I had a hard time stitching over my piecework but loved the rose motif.   I added a curl to each side, ditched the units and echoed the outside edge all around.

When the light shines just right, you can see the details so clearly on the back, otherwise straight on you just see that beautiful fabric.   As much as I …

Huricane Harvey Update and Custom Quilting Schedules

I wanted to update everyone that all is well at our home.  Our area received about 45" of rain but our home elevation and drainage in my subdivision served us well.  Lots of devastation all around us as a creek is very nearby that flooded but thankfully we were spared.  We sheltered in place, coming home early from a family vacation so that we could gather our pets and all be in one area.  Day 4, we developed a small roof leak from around a vent but my husband was able to get that stopped.  Minimal sheet rock damage over the stairwell that did not necessitate cutting it out... yet.  All equipment and quilts on hand remained dry and safe!

We have been very involved with our community and helping others with rescues, shelter needs and with demolition to flooded homes.  It is wonderful seeing the people of our  city coming together to help those in need.  I won't post more photos... I'm sure you have seen enough to last a lifetime!

I was already running slightly behind sched…

Another 1st place ribbon for Dogwood Winter

Kathryn Zimmerman's Dogwood Winter took 1st place at Old Man River Quilt Fest in small wallhanging category!   This is it's 2nd 1st place ribbon, the other being at Duluth, Minnesota Quilters Quilt Show.

No pictures from Vicksburg but we had friends in Duluth and got photos! Congratulations Kathryn!   It sure is exciting seeing these pieces that I longarm quilted win ribbons!

A fellow Innovian was at the show and tagged me in her photos!   Thanks Teresa!