Lakeshore Sunrise - custom quilting

Carol did a splendid job of piecing this beautiful quilt and adding borders to make it bed sized for use in one of her guest bedrooms.   She selected the Quiltworx digital design for her Lakeshore Sunrise.  The fabrics are all cottons, not a batik in sight.  The colors remind me of early fall in Tennessee.

Some problems I encountered was that the digital design for this area was too large for my frame and I could not find a place to alter the design.   Sometimes you can split the design to break it down into small sections but this one runs back and forth over large areas instead of completing one feather curl at a time.  But as luck would have it, once I sized the outer border, it also was too long to stitch in "chunks" as I traveled down the frame.  Turning was a definite requirement for this quilt to stitch the outer borders and that big inner unit.

Photo taken as that design stitched.   the darker green area was stitched and you can see I could not split along the spine …

Small Quilts Edge to Edge Quilting

Lou Ellen has been busy clearing out lots of small quilts lately plus working on her very detailed quilts that she loves to make.   She stay busy!   These are all so cute.   Oh my gosh do I love that fur like minkee!  That was the longest plushest that I have ever worked with.  I need some for my granddaughters.

Cute fabrics too These were made from the same fabrics, similar designs yet different.

 It's always a pleasure to work on such cute quilts!   If you are interested in having me custom machine quilt or edge to edge longarm maching quilt for you please contact me or you can review more information on my website. 

More Donation Quilts Quilts for Veterans

OK, I did it again.   I'm running on exhaustion for way too long now.  My own projects are not getting done.   This makes 31 in the past 13 months... Not counting my project for myeloma or guilds large quilt projects.   Just quilting donation quilts.  At an average of 5 hours a quilt... that's 155 hours.   I worked Friday night and Saturday to get these 2 done.  Meanwhile my quilt that I already registered to show at Conroe is not even finished with the piecing.. .much less quilting!   But... when there is a need and everyone is in the same boat... you gotta do what you must do.

I worried over wanting to custom quilt the veteran one  (Conroe is doing a presentation at this year's show to veterans) but I just did not have the time.   Can you believe how the pantograph ended up framing that center???   I could have spent hours planning something like that and it just worked out that way.   Gave me goosebumps to see this stitch out!

Plus one more for the auction.   This was a…

Quilting Retreat at And Sew It Began

Fantastic retreat center in La Porte, TX.   A short 50 minute drive from one side of Houston to the other side for me!   And a step back in time.   Check out Rhonda's retreat center and quilt shop HERE.  And Sew It Began is the name of the retreat, Pieceful Stitches is the name of her Quilt Shop a few steps from the retreat center's door.

I was invited last minute to attend a 3 night retreat not far from my home.   I knew some of the ladies from guild but had never had an opportunity to spend any time with them.  It's a really hectic time right now, I've had health issues, thunderstorm issues, dog health issues, software issues on my computerized machine that set me back a few day (if you are standing over that running examples and trying this and trying that - neither machine is making any progress on your quilt)... you have heard it all before.  Life, that's what that is.   Living!  We are not machines, there is only so much we can accomplish each day and sometim…