Joy - Custom Longarm Quilting by Valerie Wagner

What a Joy to work on this one!   These DeJonge patterns and fabric colors really speak loud and clear.  I also enjoyed working on the smaller size of around 60".   Most of the Judy Niemeyer patterns I  quilt are about 100" so this really was a Joy to custom quilt!

In progress shot across the frame
In progress from underneath frame

A few of these were in progress shots.  I somehow managed to skip taking a photo of the completed back also.    This quilt was a long time in the planning.   I think I had on my books for 2 years, it was rescheduled 2X by the owner, then rescheduled by Huricane Harvey and other events by me!   I am so happy to finally have this one completed.   Some quilts are like that in our lives, they just get waylayed for various reasons.  But she is gorgeous now and I'm told already bound ready to hang.
If you are interested in custom longarm quilting by me, please contact me to discuss.   I also offer  beautiful  edge to edge designs on my2nd  Innova wi…

Belindas Fire Island Hosta

Belinda's gorgeous Fire Island Hosta that she requested to be longarm custom quilted very lightly. The quilt will be used as a bed quilt. They did not want dense quilting or thread build up.  Light and airy but not an edge to edge.  

 I struggle with light custom, I find it a very difficult task for a quilt with lots of skinny points, triangles and wedges. Areas are too small for light and airy designs and pointy areas need structure.  Blender fabrics like these are very hard to get quilting details to show without lots of quilting.  I hope I succeeded with her request!

Kathys Vintage Rose quilt

Cathy's beautiful purple and beige Vintage Rose with the full pieced borders.  There are several variations of this quilt for the borders.

Lots of purple in this one!  I do love purple too.   Cathy wanted matching thread to the fabric so I choose only 1 thread  for most of the purples.  The lights in the small pieced border did get a lighter purple, but that still made 3 purples that I used.   Invisifil for ditching, the one lighter purple for that border then all the rest I used Damson Glide.  I knew those solid like colors would look awesome with Jessica Schicks design for Vintage Rose in those borders and it did not disappoint.  I used some digital designs from Jessica, Wasatch and some hand guided longarm quilting to customize this quilt.
This makes #3 VR that I have quilted, I have 4 more in the line up! All 4 very different from the 3 I have quilted.   3 I already have in house, they will be coming up for their turn soon!

Fire and Ice Feathered Star

This beauty was pieced by my good friend Lou Ann and I custom quilted this for the current year fund raiser for Golden Needles Quilt Guild.   I choose to try  digital quilting designs by Peak to Prairie Quilting.  It turned out pretty spectacular!  Tickets are now on sale.

One view as I was building and stitching out the designs.  I basically stitch one element at a time.

Having a 26" throat space which shrinks down to about 22" quiltable area, to quilt these designs in a continuous stitching path, you must turn the quilt.   Hand guided, you can roll back and forth but it is such a pain!   You have to unclamp from each side, roll, clamp each side again and stitch - then repeat! 

Center details in red thread.

Enchanting Stars

This was the first DeJonge design that I have custom longarm quilted.   Pieced by Maureen Wood.   I must confess, I have a bundle of her gradated fabrics and a beautiful pattern but I just have not found the time to start.  I am also so accustomed  to Judy Niemeyer patterns where templates are given for every fabric that I hesitate to start this one.   Several friends were able to attend a DeJonge class near Dallas last month but I had too much on my schedule already when I learned about it.   On my bucket list!

A few pictures of Maureen's beautiful Enchanting Stars:

Somehow, I forgot to take a full photo after trimming up the quilt.  I used a variegated thread from Superior, Fantastico #5003 Magic Carpet for most of this quilt and single layer of Hobbs Midnight Black batting.  I used Black Glide on the black areas.   I often use a gray so the thread shows more but this quilt needed the rich dark black.  I often had to refer back to the  full photo because I wasn't sure which …